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Even more grateful for summer now.


Oct. 9th, 2010 05:32 pm
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He can't say it was some great epiphany. There was no near death experience, no one asked him if he was happy and he immediately and suddenly realized he wasn't.

He wasn't even miserable, really. He knew what miserable felt like. This was more... discontent. Bored. He woke up bored, went to work disinterested, went home tired. It wasn't that his job sucked, either. It definitely wasn't exciting, but it was challenging. He had decent coworkers, even if he'd never taken the time to get to know any of them personally. The pay was good, better than, even, and there was endless potential for growth, advancement, whatever you wanted to call it. He lived in a nice place, good area. It just wasn't satisfying.

He still had no explanation for it. And he didn't feel like any huge weight had been lifted when he walked in and quit, it was a mere five minutes of relief before he could hear his mother in his head, shrilly asking how he was going to pay rent now, how he'd afford food, and a million other things.

Valid questions, of course. Valid, worrying questions.

But he'd managed. It had taken him a while to figure out what, exactly, he wanted to do now, and it led to many tense conversations with his parents - but what else was new.

No regrets.
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Phone call home, take two.

On the plus side - take one was successful. Jackson showed up to class on a regular basis now.

But showed up was pretty much where it ended. Textbook? Stayed under his desk collecting dust, hadn't once gone home. Homework handouts? Got passed right behind him, never even touched his desk.

Dialing the number he didn't have scribbled on the very bottom post it note of the stack, and...

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Graduated high school
Started college
started T
majored in accounting
graduated college round 1
got accounting job
saved up money
top surgery
quit accounting job
re-enrolled at a different college
majored (master's degree) in education - high school
got teaching job at degrassi - history
Change Your Mind
All I Know Is 1, 2.


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